Psychological and Child Developmental Evaluation

Dr. Taylor will get to know your child or adolescent, their strengths and challenges, developmental history, and current functioning to best identify their areas of need. She has been working in the area of family therapy and child, adolescent, and adult mental health for more than a decade.

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How to get a referral

Are you, your health care provider, or academic professional worried about your child or adolescent’s mental health wellbeing, cognitive functioning, or general social-emotional development? As a community resource, I use psychological evaluation to shine a light on the needs of the child to find a path toward better social-emotional wellbeing.

In most cases a referral from your pediatrician, primary care provider, mental health professional (psychiatrist, therapist, or counselor), or school representative (teacher, counselor, or other professional) will be needed.

Referrals should include:

  • Questions to be answered
  • A description of the child’s current functioning related to the concern
  • Summary of current treatment or services.

Families can self-refer for diagnostic interview and this may result in a referral to additional evaluation services.

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A child’s mental health is just as important as their physical health and deserves the same quality of support.” – Kate Middleton

Dr. Cynthia Taylor is a psychologist licensed in the State of Missouri. She earned her doctorate from the University of Kansas and her master’s degree from the University of Missouri- Kansas City. She has been working in the area of child and Adolescent mental health for more than a decade and has also worked with families and adults.